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Electric War


42 League

Black Sand A balanced pbem map with very little high ground or jungle. Some water as well. by Pack Rat


Italy 43

The Church by Mosh This is a very large map. Knock down good looking!! Try this one with a small force if you dare.

Map Packet 1 by Pack Rat This is a group of 7 large random maps with Germany in slot 1 and Britian in slot 2. They will unzip to slots 1 thru 7. Rough terrian, Forest, Summer and Winter maps are included.

Map Packet 2 By Pack Rat Same as Packet 1 except they are medium random size maps and they will unzip to slots 8 thru 14.

Map Packet 3 By Pack Rat Same as Packet 1 except they are small random maps and will unzip to slots 15 thru 21.

The following maps are mad by "Wild Bill" Wilder do I need say more? I have added retreat and reenforcement flags to two maps. Germans are in slot 1 and the Americans in slot 2.

Anzio unzips to slot 111. This is not a beach assault.

Cisterna unzips to slot 123. Even a village fountain in this one.

Monte Cassino unzips to slot 129. Rough is the word.

Italian Map 2 Unzips to slot 22. By Mike Rothery Nice map with battle lines close together. Rough with some wide water as well. This is not for your normal battle, give it a try.


Large Desert By Mosh lots of high ground on this one. Fills map slot 16

Medium Desert By Mosh for map slot 17. he keeps rolling out good ones. You'll like it.


Map thing by Mosh. 11 maps all extremely nice with a wide range of terrians. In my opinion Mosh is one of our better map makers.